This story is rated PG-13 for violence and infrequent language.

Brian Anglim has decided that the world should know what the Hunger Games are really like. So he creates the World Games, a (so far) 232-way brawl with 2 tributes from each country. I will make names and also a full alliance can win if they are the last ones left. I am using to determine who kills who.

The Games will be by continent. The Caribbean counts as North America. After the continental part, their victors will face off in one arena to try to win

We will start with North America. Greenland will not be included.

Canada, the United States, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Panama, and Cuba will be our countries, meaning 46 tributes. Reapings, chariot rides, interviews, and training scores are not included. Instead there will be an introduction.

Bold=1 kill

Italics=2 kills

Underline=3 or more kills

Strike through=Dead

First, the Barbudans, Mike Lingerman and Sally Vallas!

Next, the Bahamians, Scott Lowry and Alexis Spare!

After that, the Barbadians, Sam Masashi and Zoey Gamaton!

Then, the Belizeans, Tom Sasham and Sarah Hensley!

Next up, the Canadians, Jacques Garcia and Emily Zimmerman!

After them is the Costa Ricans, Akeem Sakani and Alicia Maldner!

Now comes the Cubans, Alberto Bouncer and Adolfina Garange!

Here comes the Dominicans, Gustavo Glamaki and Gabrielle "Gaby" Valdez!

Then comes the Dominican Republic tributes, Walter Tamaka and Katie Nalta!

Here is the Salvadorans, Tony Saenz and Diana Grange!

Then, the Grenadians, Uel Falconi and Shannon Rosa!

Now, the Guatemalans, Byron Escobaria and Laura Nokadi!

Here is the Haitians, Emmanuel Posley and Johanne Skaltin!

Next up is the Hondurans, Luis Ninestar and Janice Glaring!

Then, the Jamaicans, Romario Econara and Samantha Vantario!

After them, the Mexicans, Carlos Echavaria and Maria Lopez!

Then, the Nicaraguans, Kevin Valancia and Stephanie Malancia!

Now, the Panamanians, Javier Allen and Irene Thompson!

Next, we have the Kittitians, Gerevasio Sekona and Tameka Ho!

Now, the Saint Lucians, Martin Gibson and Cheryl Barajas!

Then, the Vincentians, Veron Johnston and Romara Vierra!

After that comes the Tobagonians, Adam Barker and Monique Fields!

Finally, we have the Americans, Michael Kiolbassa and Ashley Marler!

Day 1 (11:59 AM - Noon)

Katie's POV

I am risen up onto the plate as I stare at my 45 opponets. I think, Why don't I make 1 less person to deal with before the Games even begin? I take out my Dominican Republic flag and decide on the boy from Antigua and Barbuda. (Tributes' uniforms have a picture of their country's flag. This is how Katie knows his country.) I throw the flag at his feet and hope time doesn't run out before it hits. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

(Boom! Gong!)

  • 00:00:00.04 Before Gong (BG): Mike Lingerman (Antigua and Barbuda, 46th place)
    • Cause of death: Explosion caused by Katie Nalta

Day 1 (Noon - 12:15 PM)

Maria's POV

As the gong sounds, I sprint for the cornucopia and get some knives. There is a bit of confusion after the explosion killed someone. As I run out, however, I hit the girl from Saint Lucia. "Allies?" she asks. "Sure," I reply. "Behind you!" screams the girl from Saint Lucia. Too late. I feel a sharp pain in the back and then fall and go still.

  • 00:00:13.34 After Gong (AG): Maria Lopez (Mexico, 45th place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the back by Alexis Spare.

Alexis's POV

Fresh from knifing the girl from Mexico in the back, I whip around to see the boy from Dominican Republic, I think his name is Walter, stabbing the boy from Guatemala in the throat. We ally and continue to take part in the bloodbath.

  • 00:00:15.43 AG: Byron Escobaria (Guatemala, 44th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Walter Tamaka

Martin's POV

I got a few clubs and set to work killing tributes. I see the girl from Cuba and chase her around until i catch her and smash her head in. I find an ally in the boy from Trinidad and Tobago but then he is stabbed in the abdomen by the girl from his own nation!

  • 00:00:28.34 AG: Adolfina Garange (Cuba, 43rd place)
    • Cause of death: Bludgeoned to death by Martin Gibson.
  • 00:00:39.21 AG: Adam Barker (Trinidad and Tobago, 42nd place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the abdomen by Monique Fields.

Emmanuel's POV

I see what is going on and try to run away. 5 deaths in 40 seconds, that's a death every 8 seconds! I run, hoping to make it to Save Mart, but I get a knife in the back of the head and quickly go still.

  • 00:00:52.01 AG: Emmanuel Posley (Haiti, 41st place)
    • Cause of death: Knife thrown in the back of the head by Gustavo Glamaki.

Ashley's POV

Everybody has a small chip with a screen with a number on it. This number decreases by one with every death and is now at 40. I catch the girl from Saint Kitts and Nevis checking hers and quickly behead her with my axe.

  • 00:00:59.41 AG: Tameka Ho (Saint Kitts and Nevis, 40th place)
    • Cause of death: Beheaded by Ashley Marler

Sally's POV

I am enraged at Katie for killing Mike at the gong and attempt to throw a knife in her chest but I instead hit Walter in the arm. I throw again but this time miss both and instead hit the girl from Guatemala in the temple. I smile at my first kill.

  • 00:01:03.93 AG: Laura Nokadi (Guatemala, 39th place)
    • Cause of death: Hit in the temple by a knife aimed for Katie Nalta thrown by Sally Vallas.
  • Note: Both Guatemala tributes are dead.

Martin's POV

When Monique (the girl who stabbed my ally) and I saw each other, I chased her around and in one of my swipes with my club, I missed and it whipped around behind me and a spike hit someone's temple, killing her.

  • 00:01:18.32 AG: Sarah Hensley (Belize, 38th place)
    • Cause of death: One of Martin's club's spikes hit her temple.

Janice's POV

As I flee from the bloodbath, I am suddenly pinned to the ground by the girl from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. She then gets in a car, steals the keys, and runs me over. I take my last breaths as a wheel crushes my head.

  • 00:01:23.74 AG: Janice Glaring (Honduras, 37th place)
    • Cause of death: Run over by Romara Vierra

Samantha's POV

I am doing well here. I have already stabbed the girl from Haiti when I see my ally Kevin stab our other ally, Jacques. I get mad at him and we have a verbal argument before we break off our alliance and storm off in opposite directions.

  • 00:01:23.98 AG: Johanne Skaltin (Haiti, 36th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Samantha Vantario.
  • 00:01:27.43 AG: Jacques Garcia (Canada, 35th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Kevin Valancia.
  • Note: Both Haiti tributes are dead.

Gaby's POV

I seem to enjoy killing somewhat. As I beheaded the girl from Saint Lucia, I got a strange feeling of enjoyment surging through me.

  • 00:01:31.14 AG: Cheryl Barajas (Saint Lucia, 34th place)
    • Cause of death: Beheaded by Gaby Valdez.

Monique's POV

After finally shaking Martin off, I find another easy kill in the girl from Costa Rica. I walk up and stab her in the neck. I then catch a glimpse of the boy from Grenada's throat being slit by the boy from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Then the others decide to run off either into the restaurant or onto F Street and 15 cannons sound to mark the end of the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I run into the restaurant and get some food, and the total is 32 US Dollars. I check the money I took from the two I killed (every tribute starts with 100 of whatever their country's currency is, already converted into US Dollars, and if somebody kills a tribute, the killer takes their victim's money.) and find I have... $31.60. I cancel my order and find I only got 20 cents from the Costa Rican girl. F*** the Costa Rican Currency!

  • 00:01:41.50 AG: Alicia Maldner (Costa Rica, 33rd place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the neck by Monique Fields.
  • 00:01:42.12 AG: Uel Falconi (Grenada, 32nd place)
    • Cause of death: Throat slit by Veron Johnston.

Day 1 (3:00 PM - 3:30 PM)

Zoey's POV

I walked a little west from McDonalds and then north and found myself here. I then feel a knife in the back of my neck. I turn around to see my killer and glimpse the boy from Mexico before I go still. BOOM!

  • 03:15:51.37 AG: Zoey Gamaton (Barbados, 31st place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the back of the neck by Carlos Echavaria.

Night 1 (9:00 PM - 9:30 PM)

Gerevasio's POV

I have settled in for the night when the US Anthem plays. This is followed by the faces in the sky. First is the boy from Antigua and Barbuda, then there's the girl from Barbados. She's followed by the girl from Belize, then comes the boy from Canada. Guess someone got a lucky hit on him. He's followed by the girl from Costa Rica. The girl from Cuba. The boy from Grenada. Both from Guatemala and Haiti. The girl from Honduras. The girl from Mexico. The next face causes me to break down into tears. It's Tameka. I miss the last two, but I saw the girl from Saint Lucia and the boy from Trinidad and Tobago get killed at the bloodbath. I go to sleep, needing it badly to stay in top physical condition.

Day 2

Nothing happens, nobody dies.

Night 2

Gerevasio's POV

I look up at the sky, seeing that nobody died today, and go back to sleep.

Day 3 (5:00 AM - 5:30 AM)

Akeem's POV

I go out hunting for tributes this morning, knowing the Gamemakers will do something if nothing happens today. I come across a sleeping boy from Jamaica. I quietly slit his throat. BOOM!

  • 01:17:15:51.57 AG: Romario Econara (Jamaica, 30th place)
    • Cause of death: Throat slit by Akeem Sakani.

Irene's POV

I wake up to the sound of a cannon. Good thing I do, because next thing I know, Alexis is charging at me. I quickly pull out a bow and shoot her in the neck. BOOM!

  • 01:17:15:56.12 AG: Alexis Spare (Bahamas, 29th place)
    • Cause of death: Arrow to the neck, shot by Irene Thompson.
  • Note: Irene is the new money leader.

Not much else happens, except Irene and Akeem ally. The Gamemakers are happy with two deaths, though, and they will leave the tributes alone.

Night 3

Gerevasio's POV

After a pair of cannons went off this morning, I shuffled around and found myself here. I look out the window of my room (I got it for free) and see the girl from the Bahamas and the boy from Jamaica. I then go to sleep.

Day 4

Ashley's POV

The faces in the sky show that Irene's the new money leader, not me. I am suddenly pinned as I wake up. I look up and see Javier.

Javier's POV

I pin the girl from the US and set to work. I start by cutting a small no sign on her face. I then carve other designs very lightly on her limbs and I finish by beheading her. BOOM!

  • 02:19:32:31.34 AG: Ashley Marler (USA, 28th place)
    • Cause of death: Tortured then beheaded by Javier Allen
  • Note: Javier is the new money leader.

Night 4

Gerevasio's POV

I see the face in the sky is the girl from America. I then hear Brian Anglim announce that Javier is the new money leader. I go to sleep.

Day 5

Tom's POV

I haven't eaten anything since I got here. I slump unconsious as I unexpectedly stab the girl who ran over that other girl at the bloodbath. BOOM! I take her food and water and have a good meal.

  • 03:18:15:20.82 AG: Romara Vierra (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 27th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Tom Sasham unexpectedly.

Carlos's POV

A cannon goes off and I am jerked awake. Later in the day, I feel a sharp whack in the head and as I turn around I see the boy from Cuba with a non spiked club. He whacks me again and again until I finally go still. BOOM!

  • 04:00:21:23.90 AG: Carlos Echavaria (Mexico, 26th place)
    • Cause of death: Bludgeoned to death by Alberto Bouncer
  • Note: Both Mexico tributes are dead.

Martin's POV

In some turn of events, both from Mexico are dead. I go after Gaby, that b**** that killed Cheryl, my partner. As I go into the hotel, I suddenly convulse and go down. At least I made it to the Top 25. BOOM!

  • 04:00:22:23.72 AG: Martin Gibson (Saint Lucia, 25th place)
    • Cause of death: Poison gas pumped into the room by Gustavo Glamaki.
  • Note: Both Saint Lucia tributes are dead.

Gustavo's POV

Yes! Someone died thanks to my poison trap! I heard Brian's announcements that Mexico and Saint Lucia's tributes are all dead. That means I killed Martin and Carlos is dead too. Who was the 3rd cannon, the one that woke all of us? As I see the faces in the sky, I first see Carlos, then Martin, and then I see the girl from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Day 6

Kevin's POV

I look around for another kill. I see someone, I think from Bahamas, trying to sneak around. I sneak up behind him and snap his neck. BOOM! Stephanie and I have made an alliance and we are walking down F Street when Stephanie goes down. I see a knife in her back and a smiling Sally. I chase her around, trying to stab her, but she shakes me off.

  • 11:22:12.34: Scott Lowry (Bahamas, 24th place)
    • Cause of death: Neck snapped by Kevin Valancia
  • 11:23:24.47: Stephanie Malancia (Nicaragua, 23rd place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the back by Sally Vallas
  • Note: Both Bahamas tributes are dead.
  • Note 2: Half the tributes are dead.

Gerevasio's POV

I see the faces and see that the two dead are the boy from the Bahamas and the girl from Nicaragua. I then go to sleep.

Day 7

Tony's POV

This is embarrassing! Both of us are alive, and neither of us have made any kills! We're likely the laughingstock of all of Central America! Diana sees Tom, the one who killed Romara, and they swordfight. Tom overpowers Diana and then finishes her off by stabbing her chest. BOOM! I throw some knives at him, but he dodges and runs away.

  • 3:15:15.78: Diana Grange (El Salvador, 22nd place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the chest by Tom Sasham

As the faces appear, I take 1 last look at Diana's pretty face before she disappears from the world. Then Brian announces a feast at Save Mart.

Day 8

Gerevasio's POV

I head to the feast, hoping to FINALLY make a kill. I see Akeem running for his flag and I shoot him with my bow. BOOM! I dance in my happiness over my first kill. More people arrive and I grab my food.

  • 7:01:45.23: Akeem Sakani (Costa Rica, 21st place)
    • Cause of death: Shot with a bow fired by Gerevasio Sekona
  • Note: Both Costa Rica tributes are dead.
  • Note 2: 20 Tributes left!

Javier's POV

This is turning into a bloodbath fast. I need to extend my money lead if I am to keep it. I see Kevin and know he has a lot of money, for he has 2 kills. I quickly run up and throw an axe into his back. BOOM!

  • 7:03:32.40: Kevin Valancia (Nicaragua, 20th place)
    • Cause of death: Axed in the back by Javier Allen
  • Note: Both Nicaragua Tributes are dead.
  • Note 2: Javier has extended his money lead.

Gaby's POV

As I take my food, I feel a small tap in the back. I see Sam, who's been under the radar this whole time, swing hs sword back. I brace myself as I am cut in half. BOOM!

  • 7:04:32.09: Gabrielle Valdez (Dominica, 19th place)
    • Cause of death: Cut in half by Sam Masashi

Gerevasio's POV

I take notice of the third cannon and after eating my food, I knife the girl from Canada in the back and run away. BOOM!

  • 7:05:32.94: Emily Zimmerman (Canada, 18th place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the back by Gerevasio Sekona
  • Note: Both Canada tributes are dead.

Tom's POV

I take notice of Gerevasio's 2 kills and decide to ignore him in favor of the money leader: Javier. I use a well-aimed sword throw to decapitate him. BOOM!

  • 7:08:23.86: Javier Allen (Panama, 17th place)
    • Cause of death: Beheaded by Tom Sasham
  • Note: Tom now has a MASSIVE money lead.
  • Note 2: Dominican Republic is the last country with both tributes alive.

Shannon's POV

Okay, I'm following Tony after the feast. I heard 5 cannons during the feast. I see Tony and quickly snap his neck. BOOM!

  • 14:43:23.40: Tony Saenz (El Salvador, 16th place)
    • Cause of death: Neck snapped by Shannon Rosa.
  • Note: We're down to 15!
  • Note 2: Both El Salvador tributes are dead.

Day 9

Michael's POV

I look around and have a sudden realization. I am the last tribute left that isn't from Central America or the Caribbean. I look for threats and see Gustavo. He will do, since he has 2 kills. I quietly sneak up and slice off his arm. I look back as he collapses, already deathly pale. BOOM! His face appears that night, and that is it. 14 left.

  • 16:30:32.21: Gustavo Glamaki (Dominica, 15th place)
    • Cause of death: Blood loss caused by Michael Kiolbassa.
  • Both Dominica tributes are dead.

Day 10

Walter's POV

Katie, Sally, Gerevasio, and I have been allied since Day 2. Alexis was with us until Irene killed her. Now we sneak around very quietly and Gerevasio spots something and runs off. A cannon sounds and then he comes back with a bloody dagger. "I shut the boy from America up, but there's an alliance between Tom and Irene over near him," he says. Just then, another cannon goes off. BOOM! We speculate it's Luis, for he hasn't been seen since the bloodbath. We think the boy from Cuba is the killer, for he has 1 kill already. We later find Luis's body with Alberto near it. Then he collapses unexpectedly and Veron is seen as the killer, a knife seen in Alberto's back. BOOM! Veron joins us, being from the Caribbean. When the faces show, Alberto comes first, then Luis, then Michael. We take a moment of silence for the three then go to sleep.

  • 18:32:12.07: Michael Kiolbassa (USA, 14th place)
    • Cause of death: Throat slit by Gerevasio Sekona
  • 18:32:23.43: Luis Ninestar (Honduras, 13th place)
    • Cause of death: Killed by Alberto Bouncer; unknown means.
  • 18:41:23.55.42: Alberto Bouncer (Cuba, 12th place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the back by Veron Johnston.
  • Note: All tributes from USA, Honduras, and Cuba are dead.

Day 11

Sally's POV

The alliance wakes up early to hunt again. We are wary of Gerevasio, for he has 3 kills already. He racks up a 4th one when he kills Monique, a Caribbean girl who we distrusted due to her killing another Caribbean tribute, by stabbing her in the legs, letting her die of blood loss. BOOM! We run from Tom and Irene and then do nothing else.

  • 19:32:23.24.63: Monique Fields (Trinidad and Tobago, 11th place)
    • Cause of death: Blood loss caused by Gerevasio Sekona.
  • Both Trinidad and Tobago tributes are dead.
  • We are down to 10! Congratulations to the remaining tributes.

Day 12

Shannon's POV

I see the big Caribbean alliance and join them. I see Tom scouting around and quickly shoot him in the brain. BOOM! Everyone high fives each other over Tom's death and I am the new money leader! Tom's face shows in the sky tonight and we silence for him.

  • 14:14:14.14: Tom Sasham (Belize, 10th place)
    • Cause of death: Arrow to the brain shot by Shannon Rosa.
    • Both Belize tributes are dead.

Day 13

Irene's POV

I am all alone with Tom's death, the last tribute left from mainland North America. I see Samantha, one of the last tributes left without an alliance, and shoot her with my blowgun. BOOM! I then feel a sharp pain in my neck as I realize that I have been stabbed and I go still. BOOM!

  • 13:34:23.23: Samantha Vantario (Jamaica, 9th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Irene Thompson's blowgun.
  • 13:34:31.23: Irene Thompson (Panama, 8th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the neck by Katie Nalta.
  • Everyone from Mainland North America is dead!
  • Both Jamaica tributes are dead.

Katie's POV

I am near celebration realizing only Sam stands between us and the World Finals. Then Shannon tries to kill Gerevasio, that b*tch just betrayed us! Her club swings back into my skull and I go still. BOOM!

  • 13:35:21.12: Katie Nalta (Dominican Republic, 7th place)
    • Cause of death: Skull dented by Shannon Rosa's club.

Walter's POV

I grow enraged at Shannon. I scream, "THAT! WAS! MY! COUSIN! B*TCH!" and quickly smash her head against the House of Beef. BOOM! I see Sam and everyone fires at him until Veron lands a lucky hit and kills him. BOOM! The others celebrate as we are taken out of the arena, though I only grieve for Katie, my partner. I cry as we go into healing. I wake up to see my arm perfect, with no sign of that knife ever hitting it.

  • 13:35:27.23: Shannon Rosa (Grenada, 6th place)
    • Cause of death: Head smashed against a building by Walter Tamaka.
  • 13:35:59.31: Sam Masashi (Barbados, 5th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Veron Johnston.

Victors of North America

  • Sally Vallas
  • Walter Tamaka
  • Gerevasio Sekona
  • Veron Johnston


Walter's POV

The highlights start with the bloodbath, of course, and I see myself killing Byron. I cry further, seeing myself without remorse.

Veron's POV

"I'm a bad person," I hear Walter whimper. They go on with the two kills on Day 3, then Javier's torture of Ashley. Then they skip Romara and Carlos's deaths and go straight to Martin's death. Then they skipped to the Feast and Shannon killing Tony. Then they skip to Day 13, the last day. They start with Irene waking up, then her killing Samantha, only to be killed by Katie, herself being killed by Shannon, whose head was then smashed by Walter. I comfort him as I watch myself kill Sam. It doesn't end there, it instead ends with Walter crying in the plane. As interviews come, Sally is first. She answers nervously. Then Walter comes up. He holds it together until he is asked about his kill at the bloodbath. Then he starts crying again. He then says, "I believe that we should live in a world without cold blood murder. These people who do this are bad people! I know that when I killed that boy at the Cornucopia, I myself became a bad person too! These video games where murder and violence happen are what drive these people to do this. I think you already know what this can do to somebody. Rage followed by sadness!" He then makes a long speech criticizing violent video games and cold blood murder. Gerevasio is next. He answers with short answers and is then dismissed. I am last. I sit down and I am asked, "What is your take on Walter's speech?" I reply, "I fully agree." The audience has a mixed reaction. The teens boo while the adults and some children cheer for me. "What do you feel was the high point for you?" Brian asks. "Probably when I killed Alberto and joined the Caribbean alliance." I am then dismissed after a few more questions.

European Section - Sneak Peek!

Walter's POV

I look at the screen and see someone, I can't make out the flag, taking out one after another.

How much everyone has (if tribute is dead, it will say 'Dead')

Mike: Dead

Sally: $54.15

Scott: Dead

Alexis: Dead

Sam: Dead

Zoey: Dead

Tom: Dead

Sarah: Dead

Jacques: Dead

Emily: Dead

Akeem: Dead

Alicia: Dead

Alberto: Dead

Adolfina: Dead

Gustavo: Dead

Gaby: Dead

Walter: $1034.94

Katie: Dead

Tony: Dead

Diana: Dead

Uel: Dead

Shannon: Dead

Byron: Dead

Laura: Dead

Emmanuel: Dead

Johanne: Dead

Luis: Dead

Janice: Dead

Romario: Dead

Samantha: Dead

Carlos: Dead

Maria: Dead

Kevin: Dead

Stephanie: Dead

Javier: Dead

Irene: Dead

Gerevasio: $402.90

Tameka: Dead

Martin: Dead

Cheryl: Dead

Veron: $264.37

Romara: Dead

Adam: Dead

Monique: Dead

Michael: Dead

Ashley: Dead

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