Hello everyone and welcome to the Worldwide Games. These games will be a special edition, not related at all to my other games. Four tributes from 25 countries will be reaped for this game, a no volunteer rule in place, and they will fight to the death. I have decided the career countries are Spain, Canada, Brazil, Korea (North and South), Taiwan and Australia. Each user can submit 6 tributes, 2 from one country, 2 from another country and 2 from another. For Example, I could submit one male and one female from the UK and one male and one female from the US and one male and female from Canada. How does that sound? There is also a no sponsor gifts rule in place.

Happy Worldwide Hunger Games and May the odds be ever in your favour!

The Tributes

Country Male Female User Male Female User
UK Jack Smith, 16 Olivia Brown, 17 Anon...
FRANCE Sam Jones, 16 Spring Howards, 12 Brony12 Stunning Smith, 17 Shine Star, 15 Inawesomedude
SPAIN Jerry Galven, 13 Araceli Candelaria, 14 TotalDramaRox97
GERMANY Luisa Kaye, 16 Cameron Jaque, 13 Skybender101 Milo Shay, 12 Alice Piper, 14 TeaBot
ITALY Grass Whistle, 16

Terra Earth, 13

Jabberjay78 Bellanote Monari, 13 Crazier Terrameo, 17 EffieLuna
USA Spike Owens, 17 Twinkle Night, 15 Jabberjay78 Rush Leafs, 14 Haley Winters, 12 Moviepopcorn123
CANADA Stronton Melich, 17 Kelia Wann, 17 Julian Espinoza Aiden Leblanc, 18 Adaline Gagnon, 15 Anon...
MEXICO Sergio Orosco, 17 Vanessa Jimenez, 15 TotalDramaRox97 Gustavo Preez, 17 Teressa Franico, 15 Moviepopcorn123
GREENLAND Fudjecicle Colby Button, 17 Chiffon Leek, 13 EffieLuna
BRAZIL Sensation Powers, 17 Minea Creama, 17 Brony10 Tommyboy97
ARGENTINA Augustina Teleta, 15 Polo Garcia, 17 Moviepopcorn123
COLOMBIA Ferdinand Cruz, 16 Mira Dorado, 17 TeaBot
PERU Golden Hawbrook, 18 Pema Halderwheel, 17 Rockman117
CHINA Chan Wen, 18 Genji Heng, 16 Fantasyfilm99 Randall Clark, 12 Yazmin Lily, 16 Jabberjay78
JAPAN Daichi Gen, 18 Asami Haruku, 12 Skybender101 Tsubasa Inori, 15 Miku Nagisa, 13 IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769
KOREA (NORTH AND SOUTH) Kim Jun Hyeok, 14 Bae Ji Min, 16 Fantasyfilm99 Tommyboy97
EGYPT Aaron Winters, 17 Lilac Coalburner, 15 Rockman117 Everest Sateer, 15 Harpy Evermist, 16 Rockman117
TAIWAN Lia Sherman, 15 IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769 Felix Fairchild, 18 Tree Summer, 18 Anon...
AUSTRALIA Smasham Rough, 18 Ellie Jackson, 13 K.V.T Julia Manganese, 15 Maxwell Liang, 16 EffieLuna
NEW ZEALAND Dewit Villamarin, 17 Lisa Swaisgood, 14 Fudjecicle Lance Rye, 15 Charlotte Grey, 12 TeaBot
RUSSIA (ALL OF IT) Grigory Polski, 15 Tatiana Yurievna, 17 Fantasyfilm99 Tommyboy97


For more information about the backstory and reason for this tournament go to Yesare Dernes and read the bit on the bottom about the cause for the Worldwide Games.


The whole arena is a massive circle segmented into 5 huge rings. The outer ring is the cornucopia but because it is so massive the tributes are not without looking distance with eachother. There is no weapons at the cornucopia only a small backpack in front of each tribute which contains a full flask of water, 3 snares, a packet of dried fruit, some iodine and a packet of dried beef. The next ring is an ocean full of deep salt water. There is four small desert islands in this section which are full of palm trees that offer ripe coconuts. The third ring is a mountainous area with steep cliffs in the boiling hot sun. The penulitimate ring is a muddy swamp littered with quicksand pits that are impossible to get out of unless you have someone strong to help you out. The 5th and final ring ring is a dark treacherous forest that is near-impossible to navigate in. If you manage to find your way to the center of the forest then a prize awaits you. There is a robot there that will give you anything you ask for like a weapon or a feast but if you want another prize you must make your way back to the outer ring and then find the robot again.

Gamemakers and Presidents

Gamemakers and presidents will appear numerous times throughout the story and will play quite a big role. If you want to be a gamemaker or president of one of the 24 countries, just post in the comments and I'll give you the role. Good luck! All the president spaces are now taknen but if you want to be a gamemaker you can still post in the comments until all the tributes spots are taken. Please spam this on other blogs so I can start the games! Thank you!

Supreme Gamemaker

That's me, fantasyfilm99, sorry.

Head Gamemaker

Skybender101 (She asked first)


TotalDramaRox97 (He asked next so he's Second-in-Command)



Robin Glitch

Herbert Vunderbat

Geoff Corkish

Felicity Charge

Voltage Killer


Country President Age (Random Age)
UK George Oslo (Male) 40
FRANCE Frank Semettlio (Male) 50
SPAIN Chiquita Adelita (Female) 19
GERMANY Odanrot Sleete (Male) 45
ITALY Gino Ferrari (Male) 37
USA Yesare Dernes (Female) 35
CANADA Alex Green (Male) 20
MEXICO Julian Espinoza (Male) 17
GREENLAND Greg Enson (Male) 29
BRAZIL Francisca Marta (Female) 52
ARGENTINA Adelmo Santiago (Male) 60
COLOMBIA Angelica Sanchez (Female) 28
PERU King Pablo the 15th Age (Male) 10
CHINA Cheng Gao (Male) 43
INDIA Aaral Oditi (Female) 47
JAPAN Hikia Pikiona (Female) 35
KOREA (NORTH AND SOUTH) Hana Jae (Female) 41
EGYPT Aahmas Nub (Female) 25
NIGERIA Samuel Hockalloo (Male) 96
KENYA Feruzi Habeebah (Female) 83
TAIWAN Bac Chen (Female) 32
THE CONGO Jacob Johnson (Male) 78
AUSTRALIA Umbra Prince (Male) 35
NEW ZEALAND Bradley Ward (Male) 18
RUSSIA Sasha Thomas (Male) 12

Additional Presidents who you probably need to know the name of

Country President Age (Random Age)
IRAN Java Javadi (Male) 16
VIETNAM Nguyen Quan Duci (Male) 43
AFGHANSTAN Herano Sahar (Bisexual) 66
IRAQ Ujiba Hussein (Female) 23
SYRIA Bashar al-Assid (Male) 46
LIBYA Sorogota Berber-Amazigh (Male) 35
CAMEROON Paul Biya (Male) 78
SAUDI ARABIA Osama Bin Laden (Male) 54
INDONESIA Fadhil Anshar (Male) 14
ICELAND Olafur Ragnar Grimsson (Male) 68
DENMARK Alison Ritter (Female) 65
ALGERIA Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Male) 78
COSTA RICA Carlos Ramires (Male) 42
SOUTH AFRICA Kyra Thompson (Female) 21
THE NETHERLANDS Esmerelda Aakster (Female) 34
CZECH REPUBLIC Damek Horak (Male) 34
CHILE Cecila Garcia (Female) 24
NORWAY Anders Breivik (Male) 29
SWEDEN Markus (Notch) Persson (Male) 32
FINLAND Jutta Urpilainen (Female) 36
IRELAND Julie McKenzie (Female) 98
UKRAINE Andriy Shevchenko (Male) 34
GREECE Kiara Papoudouplos (Female) 46
TURKEY Hamit Altintop (Male) 25
MONGOLIA Bat-Erdene Otgonbayar (Male) 59
PAPAU NEW GUINEA Glen Nami (Male) 48
TUNISIA Mariam Youseff (Female) 16

The Day of the Announcement

Yesare Dernes from the future's POV

What? How am I back here? I thought the time warp would take me into the future not back here before I made my announcement of the USA games. No matter. First, I have to silently murder the other Yesare to prevent confusion. Then...... ahh, I don't know. Wait? I just now remember something my most trusted gamemaker Fantasyfilm99 advised me. He said instead of the USA games we could have a worldwide games. If I do that, then no one will dare challenge me and I can watch foreign children die for my amusement. I hope Fantasy is still around. He was a good gamemaker and he could give me lots of tips. Right about now, I would have been readying myself for the announcement. So I guess I have to go backstage and murder the other me. Fun fun fun.

Yesare Dernes from the present's POV

Time to give myself domination. I pick up my microphone and am about to walk up on the stage when I see something out of the corner of my eye. I slowly turn around and almost scream when the other me run up to me with a knife.

"Who are you?" I manage to squeak out of my mouth. "I'm you from the future. And now I've come back to change the past." And then Yesare shoves her knife into my voice box. The pain is excrutiating and I know I will die from blood loss soon so I try to kick out at her legs but she just shoves me under a cover.

"I'll be back to dispose of your body later but right now, I have an announcement to make"

Me from the future walks up the steps and greets the crowd. Then, she starts telling them all about the exciting new games that she has created. Yesare takes list out of her pocket and reads out the names of the 25 countries that will be competing. Damn. She actually listened to Fantasy's far-fetched ideas. I knew I should have fired that bas***d. Oh well, my life's gotta end some day. And I guess that day is today.

Cheng Gao's (President of China) POV

The new president of the USA just announced her idea about these games. My country plus 24 other countries, whic surprisingly contain the USA, have been picked to participate. I would be angry but considering China has the largest population on the planet, I'm not too bothered. Yesare also mentioned that each country would get to choose how our tributes were chosen. I could either choose childrent o go into the games or I could do a reaping system with the richer people having less pieces of paper with their name on it and the poorer people having more pieces of paper with their name on it. I think I'll choose the first two tributes and then let the reaping system take the last two. Chan Wen and Genji Heng are the two teens I'm gonna send in. Thta idiot boy tried to murder my daughter a few months ago and Genji helped him. Finally, a chance to get rid of them. I'm not evil but I am very protective over my 20 year old daughter Jun. Suddenly, I am interrupted by my desk phone ringing.

I pick it up and say, "你好这是城高,中国的总统,讲话。 陈述您的名字和目的"

"Pardon? Come again," I hear a stange voice reply. Then, I recognise the voice of George Oslo, the prime minister of the UK.

"This eez Cheng Gao speeking," I reply in my terrible English language. "Eez this George Oslo? If so, how may I heelp you?"

"Yep, this is definitely George speaking. And YOU my freind, need an English teacher. Your language is good but I find it hard understand a word you are saying.

"Why thank you!" I reply sarcasticly.

"No matter," he says. "I have some good news and bad news for you. Which would you like first? Actually, I don't care. I'll give you the bad news first. Which you will no doubt have heard, Yesare has launched her 'games'. The bad news is that China and the UK have been selected to participate."

"I know that alreedy, you fool,"

"That's good then. You will like the good news then. I am leading a rebellion against Yesare and several countries have already agreed to be with me. Some of them even come from countries which have not been selected for the games. So what do you think? Will you side with me, and all that is good in the world, or with Yesare, who is as rotten as my feet?" he asks. This man is very optimistic and strange. I have a strange likeness to him but I don't really trust him. I think a bit before answering.

" I am not taking sides in thees war. China are happy to remain neutral and so am I. I haf a population of almost 1.5 billion and 4 dead children does not really matter. So will remain neutral. Goodbye then."

"Again, I don't understand what the hell you're talking about but if what I think you're saying is right, then goodbye. Pretend this conversation never happened." Then, he hangs up and I am left standing their with a very nasty word on my lips. Dang, that guy is annoying. He's too optimistic about everything.

George Oslo's POV

Well, that converstaion was pretty good. At least he didn't threaten to tell Yesare about our plans. I see Julie McKenzie being helped along her way by her red-headed assistant. "Morning Julie. How are you today?"

"Just great darling," she replies. "By the way, where exactly are we?" I sigh inwardly.

"Sorry Julie. Can't tell you that. If our enemy ever capture one of us presidents, we can't let them find the location of our underground base. Only me and my most trusted personnel know where we are."

"That's alright, George," she replies in her old-wheezy irish borgue. "I just wish that it wasn't quite so cold down here."

"We're very lucky down here Julie. Think how cold the emperor penguins must be feeling up top." I reply.

"What was that? Penguins up top?" She replies quickly. Stupid, stupid me. I cuss under my breath. "Nothing for you to worry about. Just a little misunderstanding." I give her a cheerful goodbye and set off for our lab. I have somthing to ask the lead technician, to make on his big computer.

I knock on the door.

"Good evening, Mr Prime Minister," comes the floaty voice of Jake Garvey. He worked for me in England and he traveled along with me and several other staff, to this cold landscape.

"Mr Garvey, you may be seated. And please, just call me George," I nod my head at him and take the seat next to him.

"Yes, George. What brings you to my lab? I take it you're not here for a nice cup of tea."

"I'm not actually but tea would be nice in a bit. What I'm really here for, is a table showing who is on our side, who is on their side and who is neutral. I'd like a highly tecnoloical chart that crosses out a name if a country decideds to change sides, and then adds them in the other side. Do you think you could do that for me, Jake?"

He sighs and nods his head. "Couldn't you have asked smeone lower to do this? This is a rwally simple task. I like difficult tasks."

I look at him square in the eye. "You're my best tech. You can do it the quickest and I know I can count on you. Please do it quickly." He nods his affirmative, then starts on the computer table.

The Table of Allignment

This is the table that Jake Garvey quickly made for George. The For Yesare Column is the countries allied with Yesare and the Against Yesare column is the countries against Yesare. The Neutral column is the countries not allied with either side. If a country in the Neutral column is crossed out, it means that it is no longer neutral and is now in one of the other columns at the bottom. If a country is crossed out and also says (destroyed) next them, it means the country has been wiped out.

For Yesare Against Yesare Neutral

3rd Day of Training

Fantasyfilm99's POV

Hmm, we can't possibly go thorugh seeing 100 tributes in one day. We'd only just be able to manage going through 25 displays if there was one tribute per country, let alone seeing 100 performances per day. Maybe we should just cancel training all together. Actually, the 25 displays has given me an idea! I stop pacing back and forth in front of the rest of the gamemakers and sit down at the head of the table.

"OK gamemakers, we cannot possibly go through 100 performances today. Agreed?"

There is some muttering and then Skybender, my head gamemaker, tells me that they agree.

"What do you suggest we do then, Fantasy?" aks EffieLuna.

"A very good question, Effie. One that I already know the anser to. We see the counties in as a group and watch them performing as a group."

I am greeted with stunned silence.TDR puts his hand up and asks, "How will we give them a score then? Individually still?" I shake my head and say, "No, we mark them as a group. The groups who get over 90/100 will be the only tributes in the arena to get sponsor gifts. Agreed?"

I am surrounded by grins so I take that as a yes

UK (13.00-13.10)

France (13.10-13.20)

Spain (13.20-13.30)

Germany (13.30-13.40)

Italy (13.40-13.50)

USA (13.50-14.00)
















The Congo


New Zealand


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