Theo welch

Theodore "Theo" Welch is a tribute made by Jsm13athome and victor of the Cloveismywife's 200th Hunger Games, along with Summer Ashton and Destiny Carven.

200th Hunger Games

Theo was reaped along with his sister to compete in the 200th Hunger Games. In the reaping battle, his sister died. Afterwards, he went to the arena, in which there was an underground cave, which had four openings. He went into the second, which lead to a savannah. On the evening of the first day, he killed Biance Cole of District 3 by carving his sister's name on her. He had a low profile for the next day, but on the third day, he saw Emma Gilbert from District 3, alone, and by a lake. He put his hand on her shoulder, about to ask for an alliance, when she screamed. Theo let go of her, and Marcie Fiercest from the Capitol, came and killed Emma. Theo later killed Marcie, and for the fourth day, nothing much happened. Then, the feast occured. He was the only tribute in opening 2 to go. Harry Fry of District 3 and Clay Levenhire of District 10 were killed by dingo muttations as he left. At the feast, Theo made no kills, but stayed inside the Cornucopia waiting for the Games to be finished, and for four victors to be lead to their homes. After Lou Welder of District 2 was killed, He, Forsythia Aljiscic of District 8, Destiny Carven from 11, and Summer Ashton from 1 were the only four remaining. They were called into a reaping box, just like they were earlier. Summer and Destiny tackled him down and waited for Forsythia to snap his neck. She taunted him, making Destiny release him, and he smapped her neck. Summer and Destiny were his co-victors of the Games. Afterwards, he married Destiny, and she moved to District 8.

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