Thomas Palmer
Thomas Palmer is a district one tribute on the Hunger Games Wiki. He is known to be nice and friendly, but is not afraid of death or his fellow tributes.


Thomas was born to Iba and Harris Palmer on June 7th, which is the day of the reaping. He lived a normal Career life, training so that he would be able to go into the Hunger Games with his twin brother Alex. They trained and were very close, until both Thomas and Alex turned twelve, which was the day of the reaping. Alex was then reaped for the games with no volunteers, and Thomas yelled out to try and go to him, but he could not volunteer, as his official birthday wasn't until 4 hours after the reaping. Alex tried hard to win, and made it to 5th place, until the district 12 tribute beheaded him with a mace. This turned Thomas to depression, and he trained extra hard. His one goal in the games is to kill the district 12 tributes, no matter what the cost.

Games Participated in

Clove the Best's 6001st Hunger Games

Still in Sign-ups.

Awesome Samuel's 1565th Hunger Games

Thomas was in district 2 instead of district 1 in these games. He is stil alive, as they are still in the reapings, but this is what happened at the reaping. Thomas was going to volunteer to give his life meaning. When his fellow tribute, Yvonne Davis, volunteers, he volunteers with her, and they are led to the tribute trains

CoolCato's 50th Hunger Games

Still in Sign-ups

Tribute Sign-up Card

Name: Thomas Palmer

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 1, 2, or 4

Reaped or Volunteered: Volunteered

Appearance: See picture

Personality: Rude; Nice; Friendly; Cruel; Outgoing

Strengths: Agility; Long-Distance Running; Tracking; Plants

Weaknesses: Trust; Swimming; Sprinting

Weapon: Sword; Spear

Alliance?: Yes. Careers

Token: A picture of Alex.

Training Session Angle: Will try to hide in the shadows, then throw swords into the dummies, walls, and lights. Then, he will climb to the top and shoot an arrow at a target on the ground while jumping from the ceiling.

Interview Angle: Very nice; outgoing; and friendly. Tell about Alex and how he will kill the district 12 male tribute this year.

Bloodbath Strategy: Go to the heart and kill as many tributes over the age of 15 as possible. He will kill nobody his age or younger.

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