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Bow and Arrow

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Thread Form is a tribute owned by Necterine411. His District partner is Shay Flax. He is one of Necterine411's signature tributes.


Skills: quick and strong, acurrate when throwing or shooting from long distances, resistant to the cold.

Weaknesses: has little experience with weapons.

Personality: He tends to look at the big picture beforre deciding anything. He is usually kind to anyone he meets, but will kill them with a smile if it means saving his life. He has a very strong sense of preservation, but very little sense of right and wrong.

History: He has worked in the textile factories for several years, growing strong from the heavy bolts of cloth he lifted daily. When he saw someone stealing cloth fom the factory, he quickly turned them in; gaining the trust of peacekeepers and the hatred of his district. The peacekeepers allow him to go through the homes of people punished with death and take their belongings. Because of this he has grown up well, never suffering or going hungry. At the reapings people cheered as he was called.

Strategy: Ally with a few medicore participants who are strong but will be easy to take down if needed. Send a few particapants with no chance of living into the center of the bloodbath for supplies, promising to ally with them and kill them if they come back. Kill everyone else.

Token: A bracelet he found while going through a dead family's house.

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