Personal Facts

Tiana Merch is a tribute made by Akuhano. She lives in District 13, and is an average soldier.

Tiana Merch

Age: 16

District: 13

History: Tiana has lived her whole life underground in District 13. She went through soldier training, and is ready for anything but the Hunger Games. She didn't expect District 13 to lose the rebellion, and become under the rule of the Capitol.

Skills: Tiana favors a gun, but since those are not provided in the games, she prefers a dagger.

Weaknesses: Tiana cannot run. She injured her foot one day in training, and so, when she starts to run, she gets a sharp pain in her foot.

Token: A black wristband.

Personality: Tiana is usually emotionless, and so doesn't give anything away to her enemies.

Strategy: Ally with Deegan, and then do whatever she can to win.

Appearance: Tiana has black hair and shining blue eyes. She is somewhat short (5'1) and weighs around 100 pounds.


Rockman's Quarter Quell (Placement: 14th)

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