Titanic De Leon

Titanic De Leon is a tribute owned by Anna-athena.

His district partner is Britannic De Leon

Britannic De Leon

Gender: Male


History: Twin Brother of Brittanic. He likes basketball but isnt as popular as his sister. One of her sisters best friend is his boyfriend. Her name is Eleni. His mom walked oout of the family when he was born so hes been mad ever since. His father is the Head Peacekeeper and had to pay the Capitol 100 dollars for their safekeeping. All he really does is teach them combat, and hope they will win the games.

Appearence: See Lunaii Strategy: Create alliance with Brittanic, then fight and kill as many tributes as possible. Get them both out alive

Token: An armband from Eleni.

Strengths: Sword

Weaknesses: Insults and Bow and Arrows

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