Toby Bendan

Toby Bendan is my district 5 male. His district partner is Grizzly Girl.


Toby Bendan
Skills: Taming Animals, Knives.

Fears: Cliffs, Swimming, Climbing.

Strategy: To make an alliance with the careers.

Personaility: He can be mean. His only real friends are animals.

Training Score: 5 or 6.

History: Toby lives in district 5 with his mother. He has an older sister, and a younger brother. As a kid he and a couple of his friends used to bully a girl. She was shy and not many knew her name. But she was a huge fan of a tribute. In the games that tribute was in she was nicknamed by a girl named Katniss, Foxface. Since the shy girl was lonely and didn't talk she was an easy target. They nicknamed her grizzly girl because she loved the tribute nicknamed Foxface, and because of her brown hair.

Token: A scarf his sister gave him.

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