Chris: Hello. Welcome to Total Drama Hunger Games. In THIS season, 12 HG characters, plus a classic character (not someone like Duncan who was overused) will come and go at it, Total Drama style! Let's meet our contestants. Oh, looks like our first one's here already. Meet Katniss!

Katniss: Well, I'm here instead of the Capitol or 12. Fine.

Chris: Peeta!

Peeta: I hope there's non-stale bread here.

Chris: Okay, next is Gale and Rory!

Gale: ...

Rory: Wow! So excited to be here!

Chris: Then, from the poor 11, Rue and Thresh!

Rue: I so hope to get far.

Chris: Now, it's Johanna!

Johanna Mason: Stay out of my way if you value yourself!

Chris: Then, from the stone quarries of 2, it's Cato and Clove!

Cato: Like JM said.

Clove: OK................

Chris: Next is Prim!

Prim: Hi everybody!

Chris: Now, it's Marvel and Glimmer!

Marvel: I'm here to win!

Glimmer: We already know that!

Chris: Now, to add some drama, we have brought in a classic player to shake things up. Say hello to Bridgette!

Bridgette: I. Distrust. Men.

(Men react in fear)

Chris: Now, fans are complaining that the prize is too bland. 'It's always a million. why not something else for a change?' they say. Now, I must lower the prize. You are competing for 500,000 dollars!

First Episode: New Kids on the Dock (Except Bridgette)

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Bridgette Asps WIN
Cato Asps WIN
Clove Ferrets IN
Gale Asps WIN
Johanna Ferrets IN
Katniss Ferrets IN
Marvel Asps WIN
Peeta Asps WIN
Primrose Asps WIN
Rory Ferrets IN
Rue Asps WIN
Thresh Ferrets LOW
Glimmer Ferrets OUT


WIN: Was on the winning team (Episodes one - merge); Won individual challenge (Episodes merge - thirteen).

IN: Had their name called at the Bonfire Ceremony.

LOW: Received the final marshmallow(s) at the Bonfire Ceremony.

OUT: Voted out or eliminated in this episode.

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