H Summer,Tree (2)

Tree Summer

First Games: RueRose's 2nd Hunger Games

Position: 1st

Method of Victory: Killed a District 12er by spearing them.

This is Her, a year after she won. NB, her scars were removed

She has been discontinued because she won a games. Her replacement is Sadie Harrison.


Tree Summer as a victor

Basic Infomation

Age: 18

Apperance: Brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin

Skills: Axes, Plants, Killing, making fires, survival

Weakness: Scared of Snow.

Arena strategy: HIDE, kill Rowan

History: works at her dad lumberjack's company. Also teaches 12 year olds how to survive in the wild.

Personality: warm, kind

Family: Dad, Rowan.

Token: Broken axe handle (Which has a secret compartment which has matches in.)

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