Trout Gar
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Weapon of Choice

Any throwing weapon

Best Ranking


Best Training Score


Trout Gar is Necterine411's tribute. His District partner is Michelle Beach.


Personality: Patient, smart, spiteful.

History: Several years ago, his leg was injured in the same boating accident that killed Michelle's family. The damage to his leg was so great, that he was forced to give up his fishing job and move to the beach to help untangle fishing line and nets. While untangling the knots improved his cleverness, time has made him hateful towards Michelle, as he knows the Capitol purposely caused the boating accident to punish Michelle's family. Though he was shocked when he was reaped, he is glad the Games have provided the perfect oppurtunity for revenge.

Skills: Good at manipulating others, very good with knots, he is also good at throwing any type of weapon.

Weaknesses: Still can't swim yet, bad at close range weapons and fighting, his leg slows him down.

Strategy: Pretend to be weak because of his leg. Make people sponsor him out of pity. Find a good place to hide and kill people if they walk by him. He doesn't think the Careers will ally with him because of his leg.

Token: none

Place: 8th in "Sea of Monsters." (District 4 Hunger Games)

1st(along with 6 others) in Hungergamesrocks's 113th Hunger Games

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