D4 Troy Costas

Troy Costas is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Four, and his district partner is Marissa Clearwater or Cerulean Sparkle.


Age: 16

District: 4

Weapon: Trained with many at Career Academy and prefers trident or spear.

Skills: Troy, obviously, is a strong swimmer. He is strong and is very good with a trident. He thinks he's intelligent (key word: thinks.) He also has the mystical power of making young girls swoon over him.

Weaknesses: He is quite arrogant and self-centered. While his physical attributes are good, he overestimates his own intellegence. If he had a theme song (which he doesn't) it would be "Sexy And I Know It."

Personality: Troy likes to act all cool and stuff. He thinks that every girl in Panem is in love with him (which isn't too far from the truth.) Beetee19 refuses to draw any parallels to a certain teenage pop star from Canada, as Troy's singing voice is good but at a much more...normal pitch.

Strategy: Join the Career alliance. Pretend to fall in love with one of his allies. His plan is that he will get a ton of sponsors and receive a trident, which he will use to kill people. Including the Careers at the end.

Token: Comb, after a Gillette Fusion Proglide was deemed illegal.

History: Troy is extremely popular in District 4. Approximately 40% of District 4 girls born within two years of him have had some sort of relationship with him. He usually moves on after less than a week and the girl will just break up with him. He's done this since he was 12. Now half the girls in the district hate him. But he's still very popular. He trained at Career Academy since age 8. His only decent relationship was for about three months with Cerulean Sparkle. Although he's never told anybody this, he still has feelings for her.


WiressFan21's 198th Hunger Games: VICTOR- I'll fill this in later, but Troy was the co-victor along with Vixen Ice.

Iluvgale's 4,665,108,518,511th Hunger Games: Everybody died right away.

Katniss Jane Mellark's 114th Hunger Games:

TeenageDream19's 1st Draft Games:

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