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Tucker when he was 9.

Tucker Stevens is a Career from District 2 (or wherever I want him to go.) He's 47.

Skills: Tucker is wise and careful. He knows exactly how and when to act. He's still pretty fit.

Weaknesses: He's not as young as he once was, and he may be too merciful.

Weapon: After years of working in construction, Tucker has grown to love his mallet.

Strategy: He'll help the children from his district win the games. He knows he isn't going to win and doesn't plan on it.

Appearence: Still youthful and fit, with lean muscles and sun kissed skin. Tucker has laughter lines around his eyes and his dark brown hair, though still plentiful, is peppered with grey.

History: Tucker had practiced so hard for the Games, he didn't realize until after it was too late that he hadn't put aside much thought for romance and what his life would be like if he hadn't gotten reaped. He never had children but he has his eye on a beautiful school-mate from when they were young. After school, he had gotten into the construction business.

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