Vanity is the female tribute from District 1. Created by AW3SOM3 S4MU3L

Vanity McClain


Vanity McClain

Gender: Female

District 1

Age: 16

Weapon(s): Sword, Mace


Vanity in Lunaii form

Alliance: Careers

Strength(s): Sword

Weakness(s): Not Being Well Fed

Personality: Charming, Sarcastic

Appearance: Shiny Blonde Hair, Sparkling Blue Eyes

Bloodbath: Meet Up With The Careers Then Kill Tributes.

Interview: Sexy, And Charming

Backstory: Vanity Was Born In D1. She Was Always Been Good At Fighting In The Academy She Is The Most Popular In Her Year. All The Boys Want Her. But Never Get Her. She Manipulates Boys And Always Gets What She Wants.

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