Yesare Dernes

Yesare in her Tournament attire

Yesare Dernes is the Head of State of the Refined Union of Empartia, as recognized in JER's Tournament. She was Alma Coin's goddaughter, and after the Second Rebellion, she left Panem with a handful of like-minded individuals to another universe. In this universe (which coincidentally was ours), her group was chased away from civilization and into hiding. Only recently did she set up a giant hovering platform that soon became Empartia, and order JER's Tournament to start.


Born in the year of the 48th Hunger Games, in a colonial village in Acadia, she was an ambitious child, theorizing numerous projects for future use. At the age of ten, Alma Coin accepted her as her goddaughter, and since then, Yesare moved to District 13. She was first hired as a Gamemaker at the age of 17, and was even offered a position as Head Gamemaker, but Coin had to pull her back to District 13 five years into the job.

In the Second Rebellion, she was hidden in Acadia again, due to Coin's concern over Yesare's influence. Yesare had to face her parents for the first time in years. Even with her parents' worry expressed over Yesare for being gone for so long, Yesare didn't want to befriend her parents anymore, and treated them like strangers. She ran from Acadia one night, and had to learn the basic means of survival. When she returned to District 13, the news announced Coin's death, and a new leadership to be brought.

Because of her belief in Coin, Yesare decided to pilfer some technology from the labs of 13, and used it to scapegoat a former criminal. During the arrest, she broke into a lab specializing in experimental design and copied the blueprints for a multiversal-use portal, among other things. After that, she created a secret society, which helped her take them all to our Earth for refuge.

Arrival In Our World

When she arrived, the group was rejected by society, and were forced to search for a place to live undisturbed. Her group had set up camp in the Mojave Desert, and since they had advanced technology on their side, they were able to survive long enough to assemble a floating city, now known as Empartia.

Once Empartia was built, Yesare hired a group of scientists, historians, and futurists, to monitor the effects that the new civilizations' prescence had on the universe's timestream, and came to a life-threatening conclusion: The only way that the civilization could survive was if modern society was destroyed and replaced with what Yesare's past and Panem would turn out to be. In order to assure that, Yesare concluded, North America had to be invaded, rebuilt into Panem, and start a world war which would wreck the rest of the planet.

Planning Of The Tournament

She sent out scouts across the continent to find a colleague in her plan, and found Julian Espinoza (AKA JERealize) to invite into her society. Though JERealize was never in Empartia himself, Yesare upgraded JER's Internet access so he could access the city interactively. However, Julian grew suspicious of his own position, first when his brothers and sisters (Alexis, Eduardo, Ariana, and Yocelyn) were taken from his family by the local military, secondly by a call he received from one of his friends, saying that Empartia is part of "some unknown life-crushing conspiracy", and thirdly by intensive study done at midnight, which confirmed his suspicions. In reaction, Yesare sent in units to erase JER's memories of the interaction with Yesare, only to find that memory erasure is nearly impossible to accomplish on an autistic mind compared to a regular mind. In that case, he was instead put into a month-long coma.

Weeks before the Tributes were to be selected, Yesare underwent an operation which recreated her to the point where she was no longer a normal human. In fact, the Empartian doctors implanted data translators to convert normal nerve impulses into electric signals, and every part of her skin also received signal emitters to expel the information. To explain the consequences, she gained the power to manipulate any and every particle around her, otherwise known as the power of particle manipulation. This led to Yesare's omniscient management of the entire city, and quick construction of millions of military units.

During the Tournament


Death of ????? ?????


Coronation Ceremony




In Other Games

After Yesare's appearance in JER's Tournament, she appears in these events, sorted in "chronological" order.

The Worldwide Games (A Special) Created by Fantasyfilm99

Julian Espinoza gave permission to Fantasyfim99 to use Yesare Dernes as the president for the Worldwide Games

In an alternate universe, that is similar to the one used in JER's Tournament, Yesare Dernes was devastated by a nuclear explosion. However, she slipped into a time warp hole and found herself in a time very similar to the one she had just left. She was back at the exact time she had been appointed president and just moments before she announced the 21st Century Hunger Games. Yesare had seen what the North American Hunger Games had caused and thought that a worldwide games would be better and prove to the other countries who's boss. So President Yesare sent a letter to 24 other countries telling them that they each needed to send 4 tributes to the hunger games, otherwise Yesare would send her forces and destroy the countries. The 25 countries chosen were the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, China, India, Japan, Korea (North and South), Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Taiwan, The Congo, Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

The American Hunger Games

Soon after JERealizes tournament Yesare is lying down in nuclear fallout, with little energy to survive on, when three men grab her. She is then given a neuro-temporal relapse and brought back to the day she decided to start the hunger games. She quickly realizes she can't control 380 children again so she limits the games to america. She also demands that in order to keep adult rebels at bay one grown up chosen by the kids must also participate.

JER's Multiversal Games

After the nuclear blast disabled her, Yesare was rescued by members of the group led by ??? (malicious character). After she healed in their world, she attempted to escape, but was defeated by an antiparticle beam set off by ??? (malicious character). ??? (malicious character) then became the Next In Line.

JER's Tournament: The Compressed Edition

This post is coming soon.

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