Name: Yesenia Root
Brie Pelt2



District: 7

Apperance: StrawBerry Blonde Hair,Blue Crystal Eyes, 5'8

Weapons: Throwing Axe,Axe,Small Knifes

Personality: Shy,Smart,

Strengths: Climbing,Running, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Weaknesses:Blood,To Loyal(she trusts to much)

Backstory: Yesenia was born to kind loving family, when she was eight she had her first baby brother, But then 1 year later her mom died. Then her dad had to take care of her family, she worked and worked to satisfy her familey needs, but then a friend told her about tesseare and oil, so she put her name more then once in the reaping basket, everything was well until her 3rd reaping when she was picked, she wants to come home very badly she is in it to win it!

District Token: A Neckalace of stone Tree

Personality: shy,Smart,vicoius at some points.

'Apperances: Supertomato's 218th Hunger Games, AW3SOM3_S4MU3L 1555th HungerGames, Varinego's 2500 Hungergames, Iluvmiranda, District 2 career's 65th Hungergames'

'Victor" District2Career 65th Hunger Games'

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