York leabowl

York Leabowl is the District 9 male for Beetee19's Iditarod Games. He was sorted into the Yellow Team, with Nico Sirena, Hitomi Usake, and Rockelle Silver. His team decided that he would be the leader of the yellow team.


Name: York Leabowl

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 9

Weapons: Bow and Arrows

Strengths: Tree Climbing, Plant Identification

Weaknesses: Rock Climbing, Swimming

Personality: Nice, Friendly, But when things get critical he can be bossy and impatient

Backstory: York lived in a granary.  The conditions there were really harsh.  His schedule was measured down to the second by the owner of the granary, and everyone who worked there had almost no freedom.  Then, a girl his age ran away from the granary.  Peacekeepers were sent out to look for her, and they eventually caught her.  Then his twin sister wanted to try.  York pleaded her not to go, but she did, so York followed her.  For a couple of months, they were on a manhunt, but the Peacekeepers assumed they had died, and stopped searching.  Now, they live in the woods, hoping that no one recognizes them.

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