Yuki Ling

Yuki Ling is one of my six signature tributes. Yuki Ling is a chinese tribute from district 9. Her family also has a house in district 8 so they stay there. Her district partner is Blake Carson.


Skills: Climbing, Running, Sword, Dagger.
Yuki Ling

Fears: Mutts.

Strategy: Either to make an alliance with the best tributes like the careers. Or hide in a tall tree or cave and wait until the other tributes kill eachother.

Personaility: She is can be social but is usually shy. The only time she is social is when she is trying to make an alliance. Because she knows she must win or she will be a disappointment to her family.

Training Score: Usually a 9 or an 8.

History: Yuki is the youngest of her 9 siblings. She has one sister and 8 brothers. From the moment she was born Yuki was a disgrace to her family. They needed one more boy to help around the house not another girl. Yuki tried her best to help out but it was never good enough. Since the age of 5 she has been training for the Hunger Games.

Token: A Yin and Yang necklace her sister gave her.

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